05 Creative DIY Storage Ideas for Your Home

Is your home too small to hold all the things you have? Well, not to worry. Space can look small until you try and really do a change. There are so many ways you can be creative in making your space look bigger and spacious and one of the best ways to start is creating the best storage space. There should be space for everything in your home and you can’t say “no”. This is why we came up with some amazing ways you can store all your needs in your home with the simplest things. Take a look!

Give your mirror a new gadget

Why not make a wooden box to the frame of your mirror? It can be a great way to store the little things that you bring to your home. Like your keys, letters, bills, and other little stuff. By this, you don’t have to store your keys everywhere in your home. This can be even used in your own bedroom when you don’t have a lot of space to keep your bedroom supplies and little things. Having all in one place is very much easy for you to find and save time.

Under the bed storage

Don’t have enough space to store all your clothes and shoes in your closet? Then why not use the space under your bed for storage purposes. Make sure the place is all clean and hygienic for you to store your off-season clothes and shoes. You can use wooden crates, milk crates, plastic containers, baskets or even a cardboard box for this.

The amazing benefits of wooden crates

Wooden crates can be used in so many ways when it comes to storing things.


And most of all, unlike other storage boxes and containers, timber can give your space a new and And most of all, unlike other storage boxes and containers, timber can give your space a new and rustic look. You can even paint it to match the color of the rooms. Store all your kid’s toys, kitchen supplies, old garage stuff, gardening tools, etc. in them.

A wooden box

If you are looking for a way to store your tea bags or even jewelry, there is no better way than storing them in a small wooden box. Pretty sure you have these little containers in your home. Even if you don’t have a wooden one, don’t fret. A plastic one can be amazing too. Instead of having your tea bags in different places and in their boxes, it is best to keep them all in one place.

Using cans

You can find tin cans in your home easily. Grab a couple of these cans and give them a new look with some pain, spray paint or gift wrapping paper. They can turn out to be great organizers on your work desk or even in the kitchen. 

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