5 Energy Boosters To Beat The 3pm Slump

Tiredness feels like a fact of adult life. No matter how much sleep you’ve been getting there always seems to be that afternoon slump which leaves you craving your bed. The good news is you’re not the only one and we’ve rounded up 5 techniques to help you fight off tiredness. From chewing gum to extra sun, there’s a sure-fire fix for your 3pm fatigue.



1) Eat a healthy breakfast

Loading up on carbs or skipping breakfast altogether is a recipe for energy dips throughout the day. Instead, opt for a meal with protein and good fats that will keep you fuller for longer. Eating a healthy breakfast everyday staves off that hangry feeling and means you’ll make better food choices throughout the day. The benefits include more energy and even weight management since you won’t be reaching for a sugary treat by 10am.


2) Check your vitamin levels

Vitamins D, B12 and Iron are well-known culprits of fatigue. For a proper assessment of your vitamin levels it’s best to visit the doctor and have a blood test. If you’re very low they may prescribe a supplement but if you want a quick natural fix then try one of these:


  • Vitamin D: The sunshine vitamin is easy to find – just head outside. Before 10am and after 3pm are the safest times of day for sun in terms of UV exposure. You only need 25 minutes a day of sun exposure and through the office window doesn’t count. If you’re a morning person then eat breakfast outdoors with MyDeal outdoor furniture. For the late risers, take a short stroll with your afternoon coffee before heading back to the desk.
  • B12: For meat eaters a serve of salmon, lamb or beef throughout the day is the perfect supplement. Vegetarians should reach for eggs and dairy like cheese or yoghurt.
  • Iron: Red meat is the best source of iron and the most easily absorbed by the body. Compliment it with some fresh greens – like spinach and broccoli – and snack on nuts, seeds and dried fruits throughout the day.


3) Try essential oils

Peppermint has been shown to increase alertness while orange is great for lifting mood. Pop some essential oils in a diffuser, or apply them directly to your face and behind the ears for an instant pick-me-up. 


4) Chew gum

Losing concentration? Try chewing some gum. Research from Cardiff University shows that it increaseS blood flow to the brain which improves alertness and intellectual performance.


5) Have a power nap

Have you ever wondered why it’s called a ‘power nap’? If done correctly a nap is just the thing you need to reset your energy levels


Around 10-20 minutes is the ideal nap length. More than this can lead to grogginess when you wake as you haven’t completed a full sleep cycle and wake yourself while in a stage of deep sleep. If you really need more, then 90 minutes is your maximum as it completes a full REM cycling meaning you’ll wake up during light sleep.


The best time for a nap is between 2-4pm but we know your workplace probably doesn’t encourage sleeping on the job. If you fight through the fatigue till bedtime there’s a good chance you’ll miss out on quality sleep and wake the next morning tired again. Allow yourself a super fast and effective nap as soon as you get home from work instead. Close the blinds to create a dark, quiet space and invest in a luxe mattress topper that will help you fall straight to sleep so you can make the most out of your evening.


Test out a few of these techniques and say goodbye to tiredness at any time of day.

This article was written by JULIA HAMMOND and firstly published here




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