How to Approach the Best SMS Provider?

Businesses and marketing companies can now reach to a wider audience by opting for bulk SMS service. In today’s fast paced and competitive times, promoting a new product or service has been made much easier, thanks to bulk messaging services. You can now spread a word about your business, products or services to the masses within no time, by making use of these services.

There are several SMS Providers in the market, who offer messaging services at the most affordable rates. SMS services have gained huge popularity and demand among people owing to its ease and convenience, not to mention the rates.
If you are planning to approach a SMS provider for your purpose, then you need to consider below mentioned factors:
• Cost – The cost of messaging services is an important factor, which should be taken into consideration. These services are divided into two main categories, which consist of 1. Credit based 2. SMS based. In first category, you will have to purchase certain number of credits from the SMS gateway provider. Further, you will be charged depending on the number of messages sent by you as per your location. In the contrary for second category, you will have to purchase bulk SMS messages and the tariff of sending messages would be more or less the same, regardless of the destination.

• Requirements – You need to first understand your messaging requirements and accordingly opt for messaging packages. While approaching any provider, it is important to inquire whether there is any minimum purchasing requirement for messaging services or not. If you have minimal budget limit and want to just have a fair experience of these services, then you should opt for service provider, who does not impose any minimum purchase requirement.

• Network coverage & quality – It is very important to take into consideration the network coverage and quality of the SMS gateway service offered by the provider. These two factors can affect the delivery of messages to the recipients. Therefore, you should avoid a service provider, who fails to meet both of these factors in his messaging services.

• Shelf life of service – Check for any type of restriction in SMS service or packages offered by the service provider. For ex: There may be some providers, who make it compulsory for customers to make use of the credit within stipulated period of time. When the credit is not used within this period, then the remaining balance of SMS messages get expired. For this reason, it is advisable to check for the shelf life of the messaging services with the service provider, beforehand.
• Manage your account – Your account will give you an overview regarding your SMS balance, usage and other such pertinent details. Therefore, it is important that the service provider should have a web based management system, which allows customers to manage their account. Not to mention, the interface of the web based management system should be user-friendly.

Therefore, by considering the above mentioned factors, you can be confident of approaching the best SMS provider for your messaging services requirement.


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