How can Word-of-mouth Make Your Business Boom on Yeep

Have you ever purchased something highly recommended by your friends because of the low price, good quality and/or awesome after-sale services? When you feel satisfied with certain products or services, will you spread it among your family members or friends? We believe for most of you, the answer would be YES. 78% of consumers prefer input from previous customers compared to any other source. This is what we call word-of-mouth, which is the most powerful marketing tool for business recognition and ensuring customer satisfaction. Whether you run your business from home, online, or out of a commercial office, word-of-mouth is vital to your success. And on Yeep, we make it easy and possible to boom your business.


Word of mouth, especially the positive one, is always spread by your loyal customers who come back to purchase from your business again and again. Of course, there is also negative one. However, it's valuable feedback from your customers, which inspires you to work out solutions to improve your business. Do not forget the added benefit for this marketing tool! You can adjust your strategies to the needs of the consumers therefore provide greater customer satisfaction. Making good use of word of mouth, the significant marketing tool, will bring in more referral business. Apart from that, it will also generate:

  • increased sales
  • higher profits
  • lower costs in attracting new customers
  • good relationships with your customers.




However, not able to fully utilize word of mouth and other online marketing methods is one of the reason why small business fail. (Check video“Top 5 Reasons Why Small Business Fail” to see more. ) Nowadays, consumers are increasingly using their smartphones and tablet devices to stay socially connected and access the latest information on the go. Therefore it's a must to seize the opportunity to list your business on Yeep, which aims to support Australian local businesses and the communities they support.


Yeep is a free channel specially designed for Australian businesses like yours. We provide a page to display your detailed business profile, including your business name, contact information, your product & service etc. Publishing yourself on Yeep gives you an opportunity to build your brand awareness. This is because there are too many stores for consumers to know them all but when they search on Yeep, we will show a list for them to check stores one by one.


In addition, Yeep allows users to write reviews for any stores. This is where customer feedback starts. Businesses want to be effective and efficient with their customer feedback. It includes checking all reviews on their Yeep page, no matter positive or negative, thanking those who spent time to write about their comment about your business. Most importantly study the negative reviews and if possible, improve to make a difference to the consumer experience.


Yeep is still new now, but we develop sturdily and steadily with rapidly increasing users. We keep working on creating more advanced functions, such as allowing your customers to place orders on your Yeep page, and delivering customer leads etc. Join us now, if you haven't, and keep a close eye for further updates!




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