Be careful, shaky! In the new yoga trend Floatfit, you do the exercises on the water, but you only go to bathe when you lose balance. Are you still doing yoga or have you already jumped on the Floatfit train?This new trend is entering more and more German swimming pools and inspires water rates and fitness fans at the same time. We reveal what this new aqua sporthas to offer. 


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AD Hyundai – Mighty Trucks & Commercial Vehicles


Hyundai-branded all new truck series & commercial vehicles are set to run on Australian roads, with a new Mighty advanced evolution and cutting edge innovation. Launched in 2017, AD Hyundai Trucks & Commercial Vehicles is the South Australian dealer for Hyundai Trucks & Commercial Vehicles, a division of the largest company in the world, Hyundai Motor Company (HMC). HMC is a global commercial vehicle manufacturer and currently exports commercial vehicles to over 100 countries.

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