How to Check the Pad Life of Your Car’s Disc Brakes

What is a Brake Pad?

When you step off the brake pedal to stop the car, the pads are the material that offers the friction that presses against the discs and spins with the wheels. Over time, the pads wear down and will need to be replaced. The length of time before they need to be replaced will vary, but will likely depend on the distance driven, and how the driver drives. Premier Car Removal of Perth offers the following information on how to check the pad life of your car’s disc brakes.


The Pads’ Location

The location of the pads is in the callipers that have a hole on top that allows drivers to check the pad’s thickness on both disc sides, which is also referred to or called the rotor. Some cars may have aluminium alloy wheels, allowing them to check the thickness of the outer pads when the wheels on, but typically the car will need to be jacked up and the wheels removed to check both sides of the pads.


Guidelines to Help You

There are different guides that are used to determine when pads need replacement. When pads are new, they range from about 3/8” to ½,” depending on the car. Some mechanics recommend replacing the pads when they are down to about a ¼ inch thickness; while others say 1/8” thickness, which is about 20 to 25% of the original thickness. The pads should not get too low as that once they are worn away, the metal backing plate will be squeezed against the rotor, which can damage the rotor causing the need for rotor replacement.


Brakes are essential for the safety of the car. The thickness needs to be adequate for proper braking.


Having your brakes check with every oil change or every six months is recommended. When checking for the thickness of the pads, the mechanic will also check for uneven wear.


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