Check out the Top Information Technology Companies Right Now in Australia

The year is almost over, and when it comes to IT career perspectives, there are some top tech companies in Australia emerging right now. Whether it’s digital agencies, new arrivals, start-ups or big corporations investing in their technology, marketing or product departments, there are heaps of awesome opportunities with Melbourne based companies. 

Australians are among the most sophisticated and tech savvy people in the world and are always open to adapt new services and products. Information technology companies in Melbourne for instance continue to soar. The governmental framework, which encourages new tech solutions, the legislation to prevent spam and protect privacy, are some major factors for businesses to go to Australia and develop apps that would be deployed all over the world. Some renowned international organizations that have established presence in Australia and provide products locally and globally have become very profitable.

1. Canva. The graphic design software company is impressive. Founded in 2012, the website became popular fast, with over 750,000 users in its first year. Nowadays, the company has more than 200 employees and an impressive headquarters in Surrey Hills. The growth is set to go on for years as the product evolves and scales fast. Everything at Canva is growing fast to be exhilarating. More than a million designs are built every week, and three in each second.

2. Hudl. From a small office in an industrial setting on the northern beaches of Sydney, what was known then as Sportstec has become the leading performance analysis tool in the world for elite sports. Since acquired by Hudl in the middle of 2015, it has become a part of an emerging worldwide force in sports performance analysis. They work with the hottest sports brand in the world and have huge growth plans for the years to come.

3. TatvaSoft Australia Pty Ltd. Is a software development firm based in Australia with offices in Melbourne and Sydney. It has more than 16 years of experience and huge big global customer base, making it popular worldwide in software, mobile and web app development services. The company’s expertise include different technologies like Java, PHP, BizTalk, SharePoint, BI, and mobile, IoT, AI and Big Data Analytics among others.

4. Deepend. When considering agency life, consider the long hours and manic deadlines. Deepend is leading the way with a culture that is thoroughly committed to achieve work-life balance. From flexible working to entrepreneurial projects, the team strive to finish by 5:30 PM and commit to drive a new wave of agency structure.

5. Qualtrics. It launched its experience platform in Australia in 2014. Ever since, the team has been through fast growth from their headquarters with a view in the heart of Sydney Australia. Beginning with a team of three, these days it has grown to more than 70. They have just started their launch into Asia, setting up camp in Japan and with ambitious plans locally and overseas.

6. Hubspot. The Boston-based inbound management platform was only launched in Australia at the end of 2014 and has grown to more than 50 employees. With unlimited leave annually and a culture that could be defined globally by heart, employees truly live and breathe the Hubspot way of life.

7. Sqware Peg. Founded in 2003, Sqware peg has grown to more than 40 employees in Sydney and Melbourne. It launched the Sqware Peg Digital and ever since had been growing across Salesforce Pardot, Qualtrics and SFMC. The early signs look great. It is right on track to double revenue and headcount.

8. Kalido. It’s been great for CX firm, Kalido. It acquired its customer analytics and marketing automation agency JBA who had been through tremendous growth in the Salesforce Marketing Cloud arena. The agency has a huge focus on data capability. With offices already in Sydney and Melbourne, they are considering expanding locally and into Asia. Kalido has brought about high-profile clients and huge plans for post-acquisition.

As mentioned, Australia is a wonderful market to gets global products. This happens because of a combination of numerous factors such as the market size, innovative character of the customer based and the sophistication of domestic users, which make it an ideal location to develop and test new information technology products as well as services. Most software products developed locally are rolled out globally with satisfactory adaptation from the local government. On top of that, the Australian workforce is another advantage for organizations looking to invest in the country. There’s a comprehensive domain-level knowledge and technical expertise, particularly in integration and architecture.

This article was contributed by RITESH MEHTA and was previously published here




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