Engagement Ring – Lifestyle Considerations When Choosing

An engagement ring is an eternal piece of your true love, special commitment and one of the most significant purchases you will ever make in your life. You must have done your research and considered the 4Cs when shopping for Melbourne engagement ring.

However, there is much more to look into beyond the 4Cs. The ring should reflect the image you are building for yourself in work as well as social situations, but it also needs to be practical. The best engagement ring is the one that compliments your lifestyle.

Here is a guide to choosing the ring based on the life that you live.

        Active Lifestyle

When you are choosing a diamond ring keep in mind the settings. A diamond in a prong setting may become loose or fall out if your days are packed with exercise, sports and outdoor activities. So, when choosing a ring for an active lifestyle, look for a setting that offers more security such as bezel, v-prong, or split shank setting. People with active lifestyle should also choose an engagement ring with a platinum band because it is more resistant to scratches than any other metal.

        Travelling Lifestyle

If your significant other loves to travel then safety should be your first priority. This is essential as you would want to feel secure and wearing a large diamond ring will attract attention and maybe you even get robbed. You might want to consider a diamond that is discreet. A small diamond ring will not draw much attention so you can easily blend with the locals and soak in your surroundings.

        Creative Lifestyle

Whether it is doing fancy handwork like painting, knitting, writing or acting, creative artists need a ring that reflects their creative side and express their passion just as much as their chosen craft. The best engagement ring for the creative people is those that with a simple design and an unexpected twist that makes them unique such as a gemstone accent, an uncommon diamond cut or an unusual metal band.

        Hands-on Lifestyle

If your partner enjoys a lot of activities that require getting hand dirty such as gardening, sculpturing or baking, then you need to choose a ring that has smooth edges and can be cleaned easily. The dirt and debris are easy to clean off the hands but when they get stuck in the ring, it would be difficult to clean. So, to avoid this problem, you should not opt for a ring with intricate detailing or engravings on the band.

The above-mentioned are some of the considerations you need to make while shopping for the ring and remember that it doesn’t matter how beautiful the ring is if it does not fit your lifestyle. Australian Diamond Company has the latest and all designs to match your lifestyle, so visit them today and get the engagement ring according to your lifestyle. 

This article was contributed by AUSTRALIAN DIAMOND COMPANY and was previously published here.



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