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The Internet has been a door to a myriad new business opportunities, amongst which the eCommerce stands out prominently. One of the main reasons is that the meteoric increase in smartphone use over the last seven years has transformed the way we shop and go about our daily lives, which also has severely affected the traditional business. Stores without an online presence are destined to be eliminated from the new era of online shopping. According to eMarketer, by 2017 smartphones will be used by 69.4% of the world's population.



Source: eMarketer


The fact that the mobile device usage continues to grow is not a new concept. According to another report by eMarketer, Australia's total online sales are forecast to exceed $32 billion in 2017. Therefore, many traditional businesses try their very best to seize the opportunity to expand business online. Apart from the tempting potential online sales forecasted this year, there are 4 benefits why you should also fully embrace digital commerce and have a finger in the pie to ensure your online and in-store sales growth.


  • Lower Expenses and More Sales


Expanding your existing business online does not require a big investment. With all the available resources that you have, what you need to do is to put them online. Upload your products or services information, set up a payment account, list your business hours and expose whatever your contact details, e.g. physical address, phone number, email address or even your social media accounts. All of these actions cost you low to zero expenses.


You've done your part then just leave the rest to your customers. With your online store ready, orders will keep coming in while you manage your brick-and-mortar shop. As a result, more sales will be added but with no extra labor charges or monthly lease. And you will make money even when you are fast asleep!


  • Cost-Efficient Online Marketing


Because of the boom of online business, online marketing develops rapidly and plays a significant role as a marketing technique. Online marketing, such as content marketing, social media marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) etc, relies on Internet. As per the analysis from Sensis below, by the year of 2016, 87% of Australians access the Internet daily and 55% connect to Internet more than 5 times a day. Therefore, compared to traditional marketing, online marketing is much more cost-efficient as it's much easier to reach target customers.



Source: Sensis


  • Consumer Convenience


Brick-and-mortar shops have fixed opening hours. Online stores, however, break down the time barrier and is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If the weather is bad, the parking is a challenge or simply just don't want to go out when inspiration strikes to buy something, your customers can just place orders from your online store with just a swipe of fingers.


  • Feedback Management


Managing feedback now becomes more convenient as customers are more likely to spread their shopping experience by writing reviews online at your own store, feedback forum, or any other social network sites. Business owners can study their written feedback and make improvement accordingly. They can even get in touch with the customer to thank them for the feedback or to solve problems to improve customer satisfaction.


Knowing the benefits of doing business online, you may think that it will take new skills, enormous investments of time, capital & planning, team members or employees or experts to help, an entire accounting and billing system, contracts, and so on. We are now telling you that's not a problem at all! We have done most of the work for you already. We create the website, do the maintenance, updates, revisions and so on. We get you covered. Now is your turn to complete the last step: join Yeep (it's FREE); claim your business with detailed information and start to expand your business online.



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