Getting Ready For Your Pregnancy

Once you take that pregnancy test, and the indicator shows a positive result, your life will change for the better and never be the same again. At first you will be excited for this new phase of your life, but once you have grasped the magnitude of what is happening, the anxiousness will creep in and you will tend to feel a tad bit dizzy as you think of how you are going to prepare for this journey. The scheduling of medical appointments to going for Lamaze classes, and picking out the crib and car seat, will all seem like daunting processes, but this does not have to be a stressful process. Taking a little time to organize and plan things well in advance will allow you to be prepared and equipped to be able to handle everything that comes your way.

Initial Months

As soon as you get to know that you are pregnant, load up on the vitamins. Start taking all the prescribed supplements which play a major factor in reducing the risks of neural tube defects, further it is best to provide your body with the required amount of iron and calcium as well. You will also need to go ahead and select a gynaecologist, and then schedule a check-up to get an ultrasound done to check in the baby’s heartbeat and get an idea on when the baby is due. After the initial check up is done, it is highly likely you will have to go in for more tests to check on the health of the fetus.

Four To Five Months

During these months, it is necessary to have a second trimester screening, which again checks for any defects in the fetus. It is also best to start the Lamaze class and classes on childbirth to be aware of how the birth process takes place, and how breathing should be done during labour, making the process easier for when the time comes. You can also buy yourself clothes for the pregnancy, some maternity pajamas, feeding bras, and stretch pants for increased comfort. It’s also about time you started setting up the nursery for when you bring the little one home. The furniture, clothes, diapers and all other baby items may take time to be sorted out so better start in advance.

Six To Nine Months

The six to nine months period should include a test to check for gestational diabetes to be able to manage it through medication in case you have it. You can also go about taking a tour of the hospital, and have an idea who will be around to help you when the baby is born, because if this your first time, you may need a little help during the initial stages. This period can also be a good time to look for a paediatrician and get to know about them for when the baby arrives. Taking a class on infant care can also be added to your to-do list, where these classes prove to be helpful when it comes to teaching you how to change a diaper, bathe the baby, and also how to perform infant CPR. During the latter stages, all you have to do is keep your hospital bag packed, and sit back and relax until you are ready to go into labour.

This article was written by AISHA ADELE and firstly published here




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