How Long Will My Brakes Last

You may have driven your car 50K miles and suddenly hear a squealing noise or something like metal scrapping, and you immediately think your brakes are bad. They may be. Typically, brakes last longer than 50K miles, but there are different factors that influence their length of life. Wreckers Brisbane offers the following information on car brakes.


Signs to Tell

Firstly, is the car being driven every day in urban areas that include constant stops and go’s? Constant pedal and brakes are much harder on the braking system than if you were travelling on an open highway each day.

There is also the factor of how the driver drives. If the driver is one that drives while riding the brake, the braking system will suffer, and the pads will wear out quicker. 



How to Benefit

If the car you own is an electric or hybrid car, you will likely benefit with longer lasting brakes. In these types of cars, brakes have a longer lifespan since the regenerative brake systems of the cars power the cars to stop, taking off some of the wear on the pads and rotors. It is also best for the brakes of these types of cars to apply the brakes early to stop slowly, which is not hard on the brakes, and, offers the benefit of recharging the batteries to power the electric motor.

Brakes receive a lot of wear; and, over the time, they will start to wear. Signs that your brakes are going bad include having to press the gas pedal down further, or applying it harder when you stop, as well as the car taking longer to come to a stop.

Typically, the car’s braking system will alert you that there is a problem. You may hear a noise like a scraping metal, or it may sound like a squeak. The sounds are a sign that the brakes are worn and starting to fail, and the attention of a mechanic is necessary.

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