How to Increase Your Store/Brand Exposure with Article Channel | Yeep New Section Introduction


Still looking for various channels to increase your store/brand exposure? Yeep, the local directory for Australian business, aims to work together with you to make your business grow. Our team endeavors to meet user challenges by constantly upgrading the website. Now, we are honored to introduce the new ARTICLE channel, which is designed to increase your store/brand awareness. We will tell you how.

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Be careful, shaky! In the new yoga trend Floatfit, you do the exercises on the water, but you only go to bathe when you lose balance. Are you still doing yoga or have you already jumped on the Floatfit train?This new trend is entering more and more German swimming pools and inspires water rates and fitness fans at the same time. We reveal what this new aqua sporthas to offer. 


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AD Hyundai – Mighty Trucks & Commercial Vehicles


Hyundai-branded all new truck series & commercial vehicles are set to run on Australian roads, with a new Mighty advanced evolution and cutting edge innovation. Launched in 2017, AD Hyundai Trucks & Commercial Vehicles is the South Australian dealer for Hyundai Trucks & Commercial Vehicles, a division of the largest company in the world, Hyundai Motor Company (HMC). HMC is a global commercial vehicle manufacturer and currently exports commercial vehicles to over 100 countries.

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Aggressive Step Forward for Amazon’s Entry to Australia | Get Prepared on Yeep


The heated discussions and rampant speculation surrounding Amazon's entry to Australia have not stopped ever since or even before Amazon's long-anticipated announcement made in April this year (2017). The US online retail giant founded by Jeff Bezos confirmed that it will be rolling out its online emporium locally over the next five years, with promises to Australian consumers such as low prices, vast selection and fast delivery, which are what they believe customers will value most.

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How to Use Facebook and Local Search for Business 2017

The large user base of Facebook and the evolved local search should draw your attention and you should realize the importance of using it to grow your business and build up your brand's reputation. To help you see through the fog on Facebook, we generate new features on local directory Yeep for social marketing and put together some tips on how to use Facebook for business.

According to statistics, worldwide, there are over 1.94 billion monthly active Facebook users for March 2017 (Facebook MAUs) which is an 18 percent increase year over year. (Source: And social media activity statistics of Australia in May 2017, indicates that having 17 million monthly active Australian users, Facebook is the most popular social medium in Australia, compared with 15 million Youtube users and 5 million Instagram users. Therefore, it is a good policy to present your business strategically on Facebook.

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10 Best Selling Electronic Gadgets 2017


The world of electronics is really the most innovative thing that is being used in new and innovative technology. There are many companies that are coming up and have come up in the past. The demand of electronic devices and their uses are quite to improve the English Speech power. The dictionaries of the electronic devices in the market have made things easier and within the reach of common people in terms of affordable price.


In the world of technology, where people are recently preparing their own home and one touch experience can make you reach out to your families. This is the age where you do not have time to look back at the Stone Age rather moves ahead stepping towards the most unfolding electronic devices all together.


Here is a list of the electronic device that ranks among the top 10 best selling electronic devices of the world.

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Top 10 Creative Mother’s Day Gifts to Surprise Your Mum


Always be grateful to your mother as she’s the one who contributes fully and plays an important role in shaping your family. Showing appreciation for achievements and efforts of mothers has become a traditional concept on Mother’s Day. Some people celebrate it with gifts, some treat their moms out honoring the motherhood of the family. Mother’s Day only comes once a year, so when it does make it count and show how much you love your mother!

Below we will introduce some creative Mother’s Day gifts which may surprise mums at the time when they carefully opens the exquisitely wrapped gift box.


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Expand Your Business Online at No Cost


The Internet has been a door to a myriad new business opportunities, amongst which the eCommerce stands out prominently. One of the main reasons is that the meteoric increase in smartphone use over the last seven years has transformed the way we shop and go about our daily lives, which also has severely affected the traditional business. Stores without an online presence are destined to be eliminated from the new era of online shopping. According to eMarketer, by 2017 smartphones will be used by 69.4% of the world's population.


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