How to Remove a Fresh Stain from Carpet for free Of Charge


These days, kids and pets are tending to create spots and stains in your carpet in numerous ways. It is always wise to clean them and eliminate any spots as soon as possible from the carpet to prevent permanent stains. Where, most of the consumers will use products which are bought from the local shop to clean and remove these spots from the carpet area.


Professional carpet cleaners Melbourne do not recommend the above for the following reason; If you leave the chemical on your carpet, you should clean the chemical as soon as possible from the carpet, in any circumstances if you kept the chemical in the carpet for a long time, then your carpet will be discoloured and damaged. Since consumers believe that some of the shop cleaning products are strong enough to clean the stains but sometimes it will make the carpet worse.


We cannot offer to hire carpet steam cleaners all the time therefore, in order to remove the stains from the carpet, it is important to do following steps; First of all, start removing liquid spills with a dry & clean cotton cloth. Keep cleaning with the cloth couple of times until the liquid spill cleaned thoroughly and no stickiness. Then take 100ml clean water in a bottle and pour 5ml shampoo into it and then spray over the stain area and wipe it up with the cotton cloth.


Another way of removing stains is, take 3 teaspoons of laundry detergent and mix it up with 100ml of warm water. Pour the mixture in the spray can and spray over the stain area. Leave it for five minutes and clean the stain area with a wet clean cloth until the stain removed from the carpet. Hopefully, you will not see the stains on your carpet.

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