Roof Painting and Moroka Bagging

When it comes to getting a paint job, there are some things we aren’t well informed about. One of these things is roof spraying. Roof spraying is getting the roof of your house painted, on the outside. Now, the reason most of us don’t pay much attention to roof painting is that it won’t affect the look of your house.

The second thing that we’re not much informed about is Moroka Bagging. It’s an exterior acrylic coating designed for cement, brick, blocks and most things but timber. Not all painters offer these things, and that’s why we don’t hear much about them.

At Zoran The Painter, we have the skills and technique to provide both at fair prices. Below, we’re going to tell you a little about both of these things.

Roof Painting Sydney

Contrary to popular belief, roof painting is not done for looks. The primary purpose is to block off heat to keep the building cool. There are special paints that are designed to reflect the major portion of heat that is coming from the sun, therefore causing a cool effect under the roof and saving energy costs required to cool down the building. As much as up to 90% of a building’s heat gain can be caused by unprotected exposure to direct sunlight. Getting your roof painted with the proper paint can cause a change of 20 to 40 degrees!

Zoran The Painter is certified deluxe roof spraying applicator and can do this job as best as it can be done. Ahead of the coming summers, invest in roof painting and save up on your energy bills.

Moroka Bagging

Moroka Bagging gets the name bagging because of “bag and paint” effect it gives. Basically, it is a decorative coating which is also protective, on the outside or exterior of a home or any other kind of building. Even though it is a coating that has a bag and paint finish, doesn’t mean it can’t be durable.

In fact, it is a high technology coating system, which does not peel or flake and is mainly for mortar and brick walls. It can also be used on cement walls or masonry surfaces but is not fit to be used on timber. Another special thing about Moroka Bagging besides giving a modern look is that it can bridge small cracks in masonry walls and surfaces.

If you’re in Sydney and want to get in touch with professionals for roof painting or Moroka Bagging, Zoran The Painter Sydney can give you top class services with skilled professionals to cater to any kind of project. We offer services, others only talk about. To get in touch, call us at 1800 825 258.

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