A Unique Treatment Under Podiatry Service

Biomechanics in simple terms means the study of movement and how it relates to various bodily structures. It is an enormous area of study involving the correct usage of medicines, physical therapies, podiatry and orthotics.

It has a major role in diagnosis and treatment all kinds of podiatry problems. The treatment also helps to cure prolonged foot problems that stand responsible for back pain.


What is Biomechanical Podiatry?

Biomechanicalpodiatry is the special therapy for diagnosing, managing and treating disorders and severe injuries of the feet, ankles, knees and their associated structures.

A common example of complex human engineering is our feet and legs, which have 60 bones and an intricate network of joints, and ligaments. Improper structure or functionality of the foot can result in various injuries to the legs, knees, feet and even hips. A detailed understanding of the interaction between each of these structures is needed in order to make accurate diagnosis of one's foot and the entire leg.

What to expect?

Your foot is the strongest foundation of your body. Thus it must be cared for through proper podiatric excellence. The treatment not just focuses on the existing complaint, but also the entire lower torso for improving the complete functioning to help lead a unique lifestyle. It includes long term pain free performance through a developed and advanced assessment of your specific distress symptom. This also includes gait and postural analysis. Biomechanical podiatry involves application of the greatest levels of treatment and problem resolution utilising the latest technologies.

Symptoms that may necessitate podiatric treatment

  • Experiencing pain while bearing load or walking.

  • Experiencing pain or swelling of foot without any reason.

  • Experiencing intense swelling and numbness if the foot is pressed for some time.

  • Sharp, or painful locking in the knee during movement.

  • Limping

  • Sudden restriction, limping and immobility experienced while running or moving.

  • Instability, weakness, poor balance, and coordination of foot.

  • Poor movement, propulsion and poor strength & power.

Common conditions of:

FeetExperiencing high arches, flat feet, hyperpronation and pigeon toed. The patient feels intense pain in the heel and may even suffer from Achillies Tendonitis and Plantar Fasciitis. The feet may experience nerve compression, buniouns and toe contractures.

AnklesExperiencing strains, fractures and ligament tears due to extensive compression. If you have such problems in your lower limbs or concerned about your gait pattern or the alignment of your foot, feel free to contact a podiatrist in Balcatta. They are the best persons who can help you in healing any type of foot and ankle problem that you might have.

Biomechanical podiatry treatment is an effective way of treating long term and severe podiatric problems. Consider this specialised therapy under a reputed podiatrist in Perth to mark the beginning of the end for frustrating foot and ankle pains.

This article was written by JILL HUNTER and firstly published here




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