Why WordPress Should be the First Choice for Your Company Website

If you are looking for web development in Sydney for your business, one of the major decisions that you need to take is regarding the platform to be used in building the website. The Content Management System (CMS) should be wisely chosen, depending upon the features that you require. With this in mind, here are six solid reasons why WordPress should be your first choice.

1. Scalable

This is especially important when you are running a small or medium sized business. As the business grows, there should also be scope for the website to grow, and keeping this in mind, WordPress is exactly the thing for you. It allows you to conveniently add blog categories, tags, pages and also extend the website functionality through incorporation of plug-ins. WordPress also makes you capable of running manifold websites simultaneously; hence the scalability is not limited to a single domain name.

2. Reliable

This CMS has been there for almost one and a half decade, only to become increasingly popular with the passage of time. Statistics reveal that around 75,000,000 websites run on WordPress, which constitutes 19% of all the existing websites. Although that is not a very magical number, you should not have any kind of doubts about the reliability of WordPress.

3. Cost-effective

Cost is one of the major concerns whenever you go for web development in Sydney. WordPress comes free of cost, so if you can hire a cost-effective and efficient developer, your job is more than half done. You can have your WordPress website up and running without spending excessively.

4. Convenient to use

While building a website, one of the main things that you should consider is how conveniently you can operate the website. Good news is that WordPress is extremely easy to operate. There was a time when content management systems were created without any kind of focus on usability. However, the same is not the case with WordPress. The day-to-day activities related to management and maintenance of your website become highly seamless with WordPress, and you will feel as if you are just using Microsoft Word.

5. Provides a built-in blog

In today’s marketplace, content marketing strategy has become an integral part of digital marketing. Most of these content strategies revolve around the company’s blog, which makes the blog literally a foundation for business content. With WordPress installation, you get a built-in blog, and by now you must know that the original use of WordPress was as a blogging platform. Only after this CMS gained popularity, its use was extended to other areas.

6. Customizable

When you go for web development in Sydney using WordPress, there are literally no limits to what you can do. This CMS has a highly customizable interface, which means that as you go ahead with the design, you can always mould the user experience in line with your business and brand.   

If you have decided to build your company website on WordPress, that’s great! Consult one of the best providers of web development in Sydney and get the best of this CMS.


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